Alison brings an unmatched depth of feeling to her studio work with young people, and her supportive approach allows for a great deal of experimentation and from that, confidence.

Alisn’s enthusiasm and energy are multiplied by her students as they reach for self knowledge and expression in their own artwork”
-Rick Jones

My Story

In 2014, after working as a massage therapist and energy worker for more than 14 years — in addition to the many other positions I gladly held as my long history as a single mother required — I was working in an OB/GYN office as a medical assistant. I was making art in my spare time, had engaged my role as a wife and mother, and was otherwise, quite cozied up to my familiar life and expected routine.

I enjoyed working in women’s health, particularly, interacting with expectant and new moms and being a support and advocate for women. I CRAVED my creative life however, and would “fit it in” during spare time and weekends, often becoming so enraptured with painting that hours would pass until I returned again to the world of time clocks, stress and “domestic bliss”.

Eventually, however, my inner world of creating was calling louder and louder for me to return. I would hear it and pacify it with more “spare time” attention, but always, there was that voice asking me to look. “Something wants to happen, look.”

My calling was very patient. Until, that is, my core was shaken. My heart was broken. I was hazed into the club of losing a parent. It’s true when they say no one knows how this feels until they have been through it. My grief consumed me. I also knew a deep comfort in it. There was that quiet, firm voice again, calling.

I turned to my canvas for comfort, painting with paint and tears, chest hollow and mind clear as no other thoughts seemed as important. In this deep quiet that grief had opened, something happened. I sat with myself and allowed this process to wash over me, exposing the ‘me’ within. From rawness, from pressure, a gem was being revealed.

I have always been on a spiritual path (for lack of a better term for my continual seeking, feeling, searching I had done since, oh, birth). My path had taken me across many a challenging terrain and through the most gorgeous meadows, but not quite into such deep waters as I was now swimming. My call to return to myself and listen closer to the life that was calling me simply became louder than all the reasons I needed to “be practical” or “ensure retirement” or “have enough money”. My truth told me the limitations that were wrapped in this story I was accepting about myself (and my purpose), and I knew I could not stay in this story.

Besides, I needed more time to paint, as that was the only way I could breath through the emotions I was feeling.

I wanted to share this feeling. Not so much the feeling of absolute devastation and loss, but the feeling of grace. The feeling of stillness, floodgates open pouring forth clarity and purpose and inspiration. Long story short (ish), with the loving support of family, I left that safe, secure, soul-denying job. I left. I Knew I was being asked to share my talents and gifts for inspiration and healing, and that if I gave it to others, I would receive more of it. Not sure how it would all unfold, I put one foot in front of the other.

I returned to my first love of massage therapy and began developing creative processes — writing workshops, and facilitating art parties in people’s homes, at spiritual centers, cafes, wineries … where ever I could and however I could.

Then came another wave; A tsunami actually. I lost my Grandmother. I was also facing some health challenges, my son was graduating high school, and my role as mother and protector was completely and heart wrenchingly bringing me to my knees as some very particular challenges were presenting themselves in his soul story. I entered another dark night.

There is always a gift, always a gem inside any tragedy, challenge or painful experience. The voice …the ‘me’ from earlier in the story? That patient, sweet voice that was calling me to return ever more to myself, was still calling, only not so quiet and not so patient.

“It’s time, Alison. You need to return to light. The world needs you. This planet is changing. An evolution is occurring and you are needed to help heal at this time, to show others their true nature.” Not in those exact words exactly, but you get it. It is here in the story that I began my second round as a mother, but this time, I was to birth an idea.

Those of you familiar with the process of being awaked to a spiritual path know the harsh truth of it. EVERYTHING, unlike your wholeness, unlike love, will be brought up for you to heal and it’s not always pretty. But, in doing the work is where the magic comes in. Here is the gem. This is the place we receive our messages and where the answers reside. I decided to complete my Spiritual Life Coaching program as well as NLP and Meditation Instructor Programs through Emerson Theological Association.

I was shown Athena. I like to believe that my full-blooded Greek grandmother had something to do with this. I was told that I needed to continue doing healing work. It needed to come through my hands AND my words now. Terrifying. Completely scary to become who we are meant to be, but nonetheless I persisted, listened and asked questions. I decided to complete certifications in spiritual life coaching, quantum process work, meditation instruction and hypnosis because, you know, as you give, you receive, right? Before I knew it however, the sweetest little space “just came together”; Athena Art Spa.

Coincidence? If by coincidence you mean two or more things that coincide perfectly, yes. The stars aligned and I was on my way.

My work in this life began again and the way was laid out before me. My history as a massage therapist has landed me in many a spa, healing environment and sanctuary, and so of course it’s fitting that this is what I want to create and share with the world, along with a sanctuary and healing environment for personal evolution and joy to occur.

Athena: Goddess of handcrafts, wisdom, and of course, a warrior. Let this place resonate with these qualities. May we see and create beauty, seek wisdom, and let us be the warriors …warriors of truth and of light. The world needs you. The healing of this planet begins with you. You have the power to create this world.

You are a master.

“Through ​the ​Divine ​Matrix, ​we ​participate ​in ​the ​constant ​change ​that ​gives ​meaning ​to life. ​The ​question ​now ​is ​less ​about ​whether ​or ​not ​we’re ​passive ​observers ​and ​more about ​how ​we ​can ​intentionally ​create.” ​-Gregg ​Braden

Through the Divine Matrix, we participate in the constant change that gives meaning to life. The question now is less about whether or not we’re passive observers and more about how we can intentionally create.”

-Gregg Bradenv