Authentic Living Through Art

Classes, Workshops & Open Studio Hours

Athena offers on-going classes for membership and drop in basis. The design of these classes is to be ever evolving in content, intimate and powerful.

Athena Art Spa classes and workshops are different from traditional art courses featuring a balance between technical instruction and intuitive expression.

Transformational creativity is for every skill level, practiced artist or not. Athena provides a safe, non-judgmental environment to explore your inner artist. If you have ever had a disempowered experience with art education, or if you’ve learned every “rule” of art making and are ready to bend them, Athena is for you!

The fact that you are here, in this body, on this planet means that you are a creator. Our consciousness is creating our world. When we use art as a vehicle to consciousness, we can create any world we wish and live much more connected, authentic and joyful lives.

I have participated in four or five workshops with Alison Tomei. Her teaching style is gentle, supportive and inspirational. The first workshop I took with Alison I was in the critical self-judgment mode and was sort of immobilized.

Alison’s joyful and patient demeanor helped to alleviate my self-judgment. At this stage in my creativity, I have come to realization that my art is my art, and I’m learning to fall in love with the creativity process rather than being terrified. Thanks to Alison!”
-Karen Counts

Quantum Creativity Circle (ages 16+)

This creativity group utilizes the latest brain science and spiritualized life coaching to unleash your deepest truths and desires through the creative process.

The use of an art journal as a companion to this class is helpful, as well as culmination of one large piece on canvas, board or substrate of your choice. Quantum science states that we will attract to ourselves whatever it is that resonates with the vibrations that we emit through our thoughts, belief systems and emotions.

The key to attracting the experiences and feelings we wish to have is emotion. Art connects us and is an anchor for our emotional states. Through color, personal symbology, journal writing, and guided meditation, you will discover what it means to live a creative life and have so much fun doing it! This is a multi media / mixed media class and all supplies are included. Students will provide one canvas, canvas board or other substrate at least 24 x 30 in size for your final piece.

Play and connect with others in this unique journey of self-discovery!

4 week session 120.00
Drop in 35.00

Painting From The Heart (16+)

An intuitive painting course, the focus of this class is on making art that connects us to and communicates the wisdom of our hearts. You will examine how to access your intuition and hear the messages of your soul.

This is a great class for beginners and experienced painters alike, as it is a personal journey to relinquish control, change your story and embrace the source. Guided meditation and exercises will assist you in freeing the childlike wonder and magic of living this life!

This class will use acrylic, tempera and watercolor in majority. Supplies included. Student will provide one canvas board or other substrate at least 24 x 30 in size for your final piece. Every element of your painting is you!

4 week session 120.00

Intentional Creativity (ages 13-16)

A great opportunity to unplug and connect with the ‘you’ inside that knows the answers, has all it needs and is a confident change maker in the world!

This class utilizes art making as a metaphor for life and how to create one in alignment with your highest purpose. Through a variety of art experiences and mediums, you will use creativity as intention setting, strengthening a sense of self, trusting intuition and expressing your unique you freely and without judgment.

Although technical assistance is provided, this is not a skills based class but rather coming from a place of responding to and working with the flow of creativity. Art journaling will be a companion to the course and all works created will culminate in an artist show and reception in which you can experience sharing and selling your work. All supplies are included. Student will provide one canvas, canvas board or other substrate no smaller than 18x20. You will learn how to use a variety of techniques and connect with other cool kids in this awesome art club!

Twice Monthly: 40.00
Drop in: 25.00

Club Athena (ages 7-12)

Club Athena meets twice monthly with additional days per seasonal breaks as announced. This is an opportunity for children to play and create to express themselves as the unique light that they are. Through the creative process, children will learn relaxation, positive affirmation and confidence building while exploring a variety of art making techniques and medium.

Creativity anchors are formed by the emotional charge in the neurology of the brain that creates our beliefs and behaviors.

Twice Monthly: 40.00*
Drop in: 20.00*
*The fee includes supplies unless noted on calendar for a specific project need.

Athena Play Date (ages 3-5,
with grown-up friend or parent)

This special play date is full of fun and connection for you and your little person. Let yourself play right along and learn from their uninhibited curiosity and creativity.

Focusing on sensory experiences allows you to connect your child to the source within them of joy and expression while making emotional connection with you in a deep and everlasting way. Play time with shapes, textures, large motor skill activity, and some wiggles of course! Creative play in the very young develops the brain as well as anchors in positive emotional neurological connections.
All supplies included.

Once monthly 15.00


Athena offers exciting workshops on a monthly basis from vision-boarding, altar making, archetype creation, textiles, drawing groups and so much more! These are an opportunity to dive deep and create a meaningful and memorable experience for yourself and are usually 3 to 6 hr events. Athena opens her doors to many fantastic and inspiring guest facilitators and teachers and pricing varies dependent on workshop. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up on upcoming offerings.

Art has a role of helping children become more themselves instead of more like everyone else

-Sydney Gurewitz Clemens